Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Peace to You

Reposted from 2009.

A ship’s compass, a windrose, identifies the source of directions as solar sky paths at four key dates: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. The windrose’s shape is echoed in sundials, stone medicine wheels, ceremonial containers woven from intent and Navajo wedding baskets woven from sumac. People all over the world have captured this pattern in many ways for many reasons.

Stones, stars, the directions, weavings, time – these speak to us out of the past. If you listen the words can be intuited; an alive spiritual communication.

How many times has the wheel turned – the sun aligning with the markings on the windrose and ceremonial containers? When will it end? What gateway experiences will happen along the way? How many times have people gathered for community, warmth and comfort on the longest night of the year? How often are they kept apart?

Blessings to you and yours. May your next trip around the sun be fruitful, enjoyable and peaceful.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Manning the Door

I love holding the bowl on Halloween almost as much as I used to love going from door to door in the night. My high school son decorated with his usual panache using bloody body parts, skulls, snakes, life-like baby dolls, severed heads, giant spiders, tomb stones, strobe lights and a fog machine. I don’t mind leaving that to him. But let me see all the costumes on the wee, and not so wee as they cavort in darkness laughing and running up and down the street calling out; letting the clan know which house has the best loot.

First, I don’t hand out candy. I hold the bowl out and let them choose. So what if some of them fill their grubby paws and pull back 3 or 5 pieces? I won’t be there for the sugar induced meltdown. I just get to see the glee in their eyes as they score the big haul.

Some kids get a bit nervous around the decorations. They can be intimidating. First you’re blinded by fog and strobes. Then, a skull flashes at you from the rockery… and is that a severed hand over by that snake? Where’s the candy? Up those dark steps to the distant door? Only the brave make it that far.

Not to worry. I bring the bowl down for the faint of heart. One little mass murderer (Jason I believe) declined the journey, but he’ll be back next year and try again. One of my favorites was when two brothers came. The young one, dressed like a pirate stomped boldly up and raked in the booty. “My brother’s coming,” he told me. I looked, but the brother was not moving. He stood right next to Mom way down by the street staring up at his young sibling (the meeker one was a ninja). No trouble. I came out to deliver the bowl, following the pirate. “Joey!” yelled the ninja. “There’s a guy! Right BEHIND YOU!” I smiled and held out the bowl as I drew close. He looked up at me and smiled, seeing I was not going to chainsaw anyone. “Dude!” He said in relief as he picked a few pieces from the bowl.

Pirates: 1 Ninjas: 0, if you’re scoring at home.

We moved about 6 bags of cheap American confection in under 3 hours.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Open Letter to Anyone Moving to Seattle

Do you own a green Subaru Outback? First of all, congratulations on joining with your people. Your wandering is over. You have found your tribe.


I would like you to go out and take a good long look at your Subaru. What kind of roof-top carrier do you own? On which side of the car is it most easily accessed? The bike rack: what is the make and model? Scan your bumper. On which side is the tastefully mainstream liberal sticker placed?

Once you receive your Washington plates, memorize them.

Any one of these details may be the one that will help you to differentiate your car from the other 400 green Subaru Outbacks parked at the Whole Foods at any given time.

If the memory load seems like too much, I suggest you sign the side of your car with a two inch paint brush.